Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Blond Lizzie

I was watching America's Next Top Model with Mother earlier this week and you know they obviolusly have all the major top designers on there. So Mother says, "You know Blaze, you should really be studying these since you want to work on Seventeen Magazine and be a journalist and all." So I'm like, yea... yea I really need to get on top of my stuff. Lol. It's weird because most of the time I'm more tomboyish. The most make up I've put on is eyeliner. I can't even put lipstick on right. Haha. I also don't always like wearing dresses and heels. I rather wear baggy clothes or skinny jeans, and the occasional skirt. I just hate being girly. But I'm going to have to start studying this, and seeing that I'm already 16, I'm kind of late.

My goal to be a magazine journalist/ editor was inspired by Cosmo Girl. However, that magazine was closed. I went through depression for like two weeks after that. That magazine just changed my life. So what's the second best? [to me] Seventeen Magazine. Well anyway I was looking at these designers called Phillipe & David Blond. I absolutely love their Spring 2009 collection. Now these are the kind of dresses I would wear!

I definitely love the gold and black outfit. This is more inspiration for me to lose weight so I can wear these damn outfits. ..... And inspiration to get a job so I could one day pay for these kinds of outfits. Lmao.

Onto a totally different subject.... So what about the "Lizzie" part huh? Well on Disney channel they were showing Lizzie McQuire. I swear best ever show on Disney Channel. I have yet to see a show on there that has topped Lizzie McGuire. She dealt with real life problems that any girl, and maybe a guys could relate too. There was no magic or secret popstars. It was just real. I loved it when her cartoon self would pop out of no where, it was hilarious. Another thing I've noticed is that you had parents involved. Of course in every Disney show you have the parents of the main character there. But what about their friends?

For example, Wizards of Waverly Place, where in the world is Harper's parents?!?! Like, she is always over Alex's house! Doesn't her Mother want to, I don't know, mingle with Alex's parents every once in a while? Same with Hannah Montana, in one episode we met Lilly's Mother. But what about Oliver? Does he not have parents? Same with Sonng With A Chance, we saw Tony's Mother once, but what about Zora, Nicko, and Grady? Same with Jonas Brothers. In Lizzie McGuire I can recall three times where we saw Miranda's parents, and at least Gordo's Grandmother.

Sigh. The shows now on Disney make it almost seem like children rule the world. And people wonder why each generation is getting worse. This sounds so cliche, but children need to start going outside more and hanging with friends, outside. Doing something creative, or something. There's nothing wrong with watching television, but not in excess. I'm not dogging on these new shows either because I personally love Wizards, and Sonny. I'm just saying, Lizzie McGuire will always be the best. :)


  1. I love that black and gold outfit! Beautiful!

  2. yeah, I definately saw gordos parents at least twice i think. I always liked Phil of the Future too, buts thats cos I had a big crush on him!

  3. Lizzie is the best!!! Haha yea I've never seen Harper's parents. I really liked That's So Raven too!