Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Likee, Idk.

I took a practice SAT out of my 2010 study SAT book. I failed that ish. I don't think I'll be going to NYU. I PRAY I at least make it to CCNY. If not either, Idk wtf I'ma do. Seriously. I got like the effin lowest score ever. Sigh, wtf am I gonna do. I got my permit test this Saturday, next SaturdayI got SATs. Then the Friday after that I got AP exams. Then one free week. And then Thursday and Friday I have finals and EOCT. Sigh. SO MUCH. Talk about, the life of a junior. I should soo write a book on that. Among all of that, I'm thinking wayy too much. Sigh.

However I did get to get some chill time. Chelsea, Nicholas, and I went swimming today. Later, Chelsea's boyfriend came too. But he didn't swim. They look adorable though. :) I forgot to take pictures! Darn! Lol.

Someone else did make me happy today. But their name will not be given. The end. ♥

They call me little monster

How is everyone's week coming along?

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  1. u should come 2 GSIU with me and Sarah they hav the lowest admission scores ever