Thursday, April 1, 2010

One More Day

Friday will be the last day before Spring Break! It's also Senior Skip Day at my school, so my Algebra 3 class and half my Creative Writing class will be empty! Lol. Right before first period some seniors released crickets and rats in the lunch room. It was hilarious but disgusting! Lol. It was the senior class prank, since it was April Fools Day! Did anyone play any pranks on anyone? I didn't do anything serious this year. :)

Today it's 81 degrees! : I'm so happy. The weather feels great, and it's still windy. I don't think it can get any awesomer! This Spring Break I'ma go swimming. Even if it's by myself! Lol. Sammy probably won't be sleeping over. That's such a downfall for my Spring Break! :( times two!

Idk if only lesbians watch "The L Word", but I started watching it again, and I still strongly dislike Tina. But I love Bette, she's beautiful! I know Carmen and Shane will get together. It's fate. Lol. I know this was totally random but it's just been on my mind. I don't have time to watch it in the time after I get home from picking up Nich and before Mother gets home. I know she'll dissaprove of e watching it! That's another thing I'll be doing Spring Break, marathons! Hahahaha.

Since NYU is so expensive, I don't think I'm going to go there as an undergraduate. I'll go there for graduate school. :) So first, I'll be going to CCNY!! The City College of New York. It's like 20,000 less than NYU. xD I'm taking my SAT's on May 1. I'm kind of nervous, I hope I do really really good. Wish me luck! :)

I really can't wait until Summer, but Spring will do fine for now. :)


  1. I love these photos, especially the last one. And I'm so happy you finally have spring break now. You really deserve it. I hope you get to do everything you planned and more. :)

    And don't worry about not going to NYU for undergrad. I personally think the city college is just as good (I happen to know a few old high school friends of mine who went there and they are doing JUST FINE!). As long as you do good in undergrad and do an internship, you'll be set for any grad school your heart desires! Good luck, sweetie! :)

  2. Great images and I know you'll do great on the SAT's! Just get enough sleep and take care of yourself. CCNY would be so fun. NYU is a great grad school choice.