Sunday, March 28, 2010

Simple & Clean

We went shopping yesterday. I only got one shirt. While my Mother and brother, Nicholas, got like, a lot of stuff. She went to stores for her and Nicholas. Like Katos, and stuff like that. I got a Mountain Dew shirt. :) I wanna get all the soda shirts! Definitely rootbeer! Lol. She knew damn well I needed jeans though. And when we got home she was like, "Oh, I'm sorry we couldn't find you any pants." Seriously Mother? I can't wait until I'm living in New York!

It's one more week until my Spring Break! I'm kind of excited. Hopefully the weekedn before Spring Break, Sammy♥ will be sleeping over! Then it's just the simple fact that I'll be out of school. Sam (different Samantha) and Harleigh and Erin would probably be over my house all that week. The only problem is Nicholas. Sigh. I have to watch him during the day while Mother is at work. Except Thursday and Friday, my Mother has taken those days off. But she wants us to do stuff together. She was like, "We can go shopping again!" Seriously? Lol.

Today is nothing but washing clothes! How is everyone's weekend?

Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all. Nothing's like before. ♥ I love this song, by Utada Hikaru. :)


  1. Hope you have a wonderful spring break!

  2. I had an awesome weekend and I hope you have a wonderful Spring Break!

  3. Ugh, I do not miss the days of being at my parents' mercy when it comes to shopping. Lol. I hope you get a decent pair of jeans soon. :)

    And yay for spring break!