Thursday, March 11, 2010

Prom Canceled Because of Homosexuality

I log onto yahoo on a daily basis and I love reading the articles that first pop up when you go to the website. This one however, did not bring a smile to my face. A high school in Mississippi canceled thier senior prom because of a lesbian, and her cross-dressing girlfriend. I, obviously, think this is ridiculous. Her girlfriend wanted to dress in a tuxedo. That's all, they were going as a couple. I can't see how that would interfere with anyone else at the prom. If people have a problem with it, don't look. It's not like the gay community is trying to turn everyone in the world homo! People are working against the rights of gays and lesbians. This is from the article:

-A Feb. 5 memo to students laid out the criteria for bringing a date to the prom, and one requirement was that the person must be of the opposite sex

-Presgraves said his organization hears about school districts that prohibit same-sex prom dates and gay-straight alliance clubs at schools. He said those kind of policies are detrimental to gay students.

-"It sends a message that these students shouldn't be treated the same," Presgraves said.

In my literature class today we had to do speeches. Three people did speeches on homosexuality. Two were males and were against it. One was a female and supported it. The males kept saying what can a girl do for you? They can do as much as a man could. I never understood that. I have been in a very happy relationship with a female, and she gave me everything I needed. A girl can't do as much as a guy could. Lesbian couples now days can have children together also! Anything is possible. My whole day has been a conflict with who I am. I'm tired of people trying to change me. I am a lesbian. I am very proud of being a lesbian. In fact, I embrace it. :)


  1. I hate when guys ask that because I have been happier with a female than I've ever been with a male. People spend way too much time worrying about other people than themselves. I never understood why a gay couple's relationship influences them? Like you said if you don't like it then don't look. If a guy wants to wear a dress or a girl wants to wear a tuxedo then let them wear whatever makes them comfortable and fuck anybody else who has something to say about it. It has nothing to do with their life, they decided to live their lives a certain way and so do gay people it's our right. There are plenty of other things that anti-gay civil rights activist could be doing other than preventing someone from obtaining their civil rights. Too many disasters taking place in the world yet being gay seems to be one of the biggest issues. Gay=Happy. And since when is it wrong it be happy? You should be very proud of who you are. So am I. :)

  2. This is so ridiculous! How did they even know that the couple was going together? Gosh, this is so outrageous. What has this world come to? :(


  3. The article didn't say how they knew. It really is ridiculous Melanie!

    Thank you Tianna! Gay is another way of saying happy isn't it? :)

  4. I saw this story too. I get tired of peoples ignorance. I hate when guys say that "what can a girl do for you?" They are only referring to sex. It's sad how shallow people can be.

  5. Guys are referring to that aren't they! It's sad. Gosh people we got didlos! lmfao! xD

  6. I've heard about this & I thought it was completely ridiculous! It's prom & everyone deserves to spend their prom night their own way.

    And I've been good too lol, looking forward to spring break!