Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rumble Rumble

Today in Literature we did something with symbolism. She gave us a word and we had to write everything that came to our mind. She put Spring on the board and that is my absolute favorite season! It's not too hot, it's perfectly windy and it rains when it needs to! It can't get better than that. March 20 officially starts Spring. I'm so very happy! :) I wanna go plan picnics now and fly kites and dance in the rain and fall asleep on my roof top. Feels so free. Spring is like Summer for me. In Summer I usually have a job when all my friends are out doing fun things. But at least I'm getting paid. :)

For some reason I felt so fuckin bad ass today and I wanted to fight SOOO badly! I think I know why I'm so pissed. And just knowing why, and it being that reason, makes me pissed even more. Have you ever been mad at yourself for being mad or something so little? Yea, it's kind of like that, but it's not so little. Ugh, fuck it. Anyway, I'ma talk to some of my white friends to see if we can plan a riot. I really feel like mosh pitting. Idk how these people really are down here, I don't wanan get ratted out. Lol. Then I'd really go mac on people. xD

So I'm starting this diet because as I said I'm getting fucking fat and my clothes are starting to get tight. =/ My diet is something called starving. Oh Blaze don't do that, it's not healthy, you won't lose weight like that! There I said it for you. It's not healthy but it does work for my body. I've done it before, I just know when to eat when I have to. Wish me luck on that one! xD

shoot it up junkie


  1. RIOT!!! :) Lol that's exactly what I was gonna say. Try Kashi Chewy Granola Bars (they have nuts so of course I can't eat them) but I hear they are really good and healthy for you! And of course yogurts, fruits, vegetables, oatmeal...Sun Chips are a pretty good alternative (the french Onion kind! UBER DELICIOUS! lol) Damn I feel like a mother or something. You are beautiful Blaze. But good luck! :)

  2. You do sound like a mother! lol. But I will try that. Eating that though makes me more hungry. -_- You are beautiful too! :)