Sunday, March 14, 2010

Monkey Chow

My weekend was very chilled out. I did absolutely nothing but watch television (shocker) and be on the computer. I have grad tests starting Monday so I just wanted to be well rested. :)

So I don't know if I've already said this, but I'm going on a diet! However, I never really have time to exercise either. I know that would be the key thing to losing weight. Does anyone have any tips for dieting. You know, what not to eat, what's the best time to eat. Should I skip meals? I'm so lost. :( lol.

I was looking at the prices for airline tickets to New York. I'm leaving from Georgia. I went on... Most of the tickets from here to NY, are in the high 300's. My Mother is paying for it and all, but I had to do my own research. lol. Would that be a good price? Or is that way too high? Idk, I'm really cheap. xD Then on top of that my Mom might get a job in California, so we might be there before I go to NY. Wow...

Can you be so sane, that you're insane?


  1. For your diet, I would definitely NOT skip meals. haha. Just eat a little bit of everything in good sized portions.

    And you can also try getting a standby ticket which is a lot cheaper but it might not guarantee a seat. But I think that price is pretty decent.

    Sounds so exciting that you'll be traveling :)

  2. dont skip meals! just make sure to only eat when you're hungry and drink mmore water
    maybe try fiber pills to speed up your metabolism ^_^
    if you dont have time to exercise, laughing really does burn calories! good posture can help and when you sit try flexing your stomach to help flatten it
    try taking the long way to classes too :)

    im also doing grad tests >.< im gonna die on science >.<