Friday, March 19, 2010

♥ ♥

I failed the social studies part. I didn't know what the hell they were talking about.

My day was pretty awesome. I got my waiver to take the SAT. I'm going to take it May 1. Please wish me luck! I've studied from the book, and now I gotta start again. Any pointers from graduates? lol... no.... seriously!

So... I have a girlfriend! She's not the same one that I had talked about in previous posts. I decided to give up on her. Her name is Sammy. =) She's the sweetest girl I have ever dated. She's so innocent and she makes me laugh all the time! I'm happy to be with her. :)

Isn't she beautiful. lol.

The weekend is here! I'm going to a slumber party tonight! Yay! I won't be home until like Saturday night. I know Sunday I have to do a major session of washing clothes! I'm glad I'll be getting out of the house this weekend. I need a break! You guys can expect pictures!!! What is eveyone doing for the weekend?

Oh my goodness, I actually wore shorts today! God I love Spring time! I can't wait to go swimming either!!!

Keep It Moving


  1. Ugh lol I can't wait to get that test over with! Good luck w/ the SAT! That is so sweet she is very pretty! Man I need to get out of this house lol. It's just up to my mom if she lets me go anywhere...I can't wait to go swimming too!!!

  2. Aw congrats! :)

    Good luck with the SATs, my practice was just taking a bunch of practice ones lol.