Friday, March 12, 2010

Terorize the City

Starting Monday at my school, they are banning cell phones from campus. We are not even allowed to bring them into the school. I think this is quite crazy. And I would go into all of the details of why I think that way, but then I would be ranting. Lol. I know I'm going to bring my cell phone Monday, but it'll probably just be off now and in my bag. My Mom says, just don't get caught. :) Also on Monday is my high school graduation test! I've never been scared to take tests, and this time isn't any different. But wish me luck! :)

My Mom got Pixar Short Films from Netflix and we watched it yesterday during dinner. I saw this one short film that had me cracking up! It was so hilarious! I'm mad because they wont let me put the actual short film on here. The embed is disabled. But here is only the short version of it:


  1. That is so freaking stupid like what if there was an emergency then what? I'd still bring mine too lol. Good luck you'll do great! And that vid was so cute! And very funny lmao! :O