Monday, March 8, 2010

Po Po Shut Us Down

All that is on my mind are breaks from school. This upcoming Spring Break I'm going back up to Atlanta. Then during the summer I'm going to California, Florida, and New York. How awesome is this? I remember I used to love school, but now it's just blah... I do like seeing this special person though. :)

I was watching America's Best Dance Crew the other day and this season they have a very diverse group. It's really interesting to watch. I have to say my favorite groups are Hype 5-0, Poreotix, and Static Noyze. I know, that's like half the people. Hype 5-0, they're just so cool to watch, definitely their Lady Gaga performance. Poreotix, they do that weird robot thing with their hands and body and they move as a group. It's fun to watch. With Static Noyze, they are the most inspirational to me. When they're dancing they tell a story with their moves. That makes them my top favorite. :)

I'm staying home from school today. Why? Because I really didn't feel like going to that hell hole. Plus, I had nothing. xD I'm going to watch The L Word and probably do a photoshoot today. I miss taking pictures. Throwback!

Maybe I'll post some photos on here later.

i want you; i need you; i miss you; i love you
i fuck you; i dream you; i crave you; i live you

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  1. Static Noyze is like..indescribable? It's like they're so good that what they're doing doesn't even look real to me lol. Beautiful picture! *picturing you running and jumping on the dresser like WHOO HOO!* (Cheeze!) lmao