Sunday, March 21, 2010

Rob A Bank

New York University is so damn expensive! Going there and becoming a journalist has been my dream forever. But now since I've grown up, I've realized how hard that's going to be. When I say hard, I mean financial wise... The tuition for an undergraduate is $38,765, each year. That's without room and board which is $13,226. Like, fuck! I'm going to be bending backwards to pay for this. I've been doing scholarships from, but most of those are for students who are already in university. I'd have to get grants, and do work study, and still apply for scholarships. I've been studying for my SATs, which I take May 1. I have to do GREAT on those tests.

I'm going to be looking for community colleges up there too, just as a back up. I already have a list of universities I want to go to, but they are just as expensive as NYU. I'd be in the same predicament. I don't know what to do. I just want to do out and rob a bank, or play the lottery.

My friend Williams wrote a note on facebook. They are remaking Free Willy. I mean come one, they are wasting thousands of dollars, that could be going to scholarships or grants, to re-create a movie that will suck. These film makers are dead of originality. This money should be going to students who are in need of financial aid! Sigh. People are just too stupid to do anything right.

This doesn't even look good! UGH!

My nose is stuffed up and I cannot breathe at all. It's really freaking annoying. Next week I have to go to freshmen homerooms and talk to them about them being the change. Long story short; we have to get them to be role models so the school can change it's reputation. But I can't talk to them like this. I don't think there is this much snot in one person's body. Maybe I'm some kind of freak. -_-

But next weekend we get to shop for outfits! I'm so happy. I need more clothes! And maybe Sammy can sleep over. =) I'd be extra happy. lol.So how was everyone's weekend? Ready for Monday??

There are many things that you don't know about me, & I dare you to try to find out.


  1. I agree, they should stop making those horrible remakes. Can't mess with an original classic haha.
    I'm sure you'll be able to find scholarships & grants :) And as for my SATs, I honestly don't remember haha, it's been a few years ago.

  2. Yea school can be very expensive. I take the SAT the same day you do, good luck! And yea that movie does look really bad lol I saw that commercial today and I'm like huh? lol

  3. I totally know the feeling of dreaming of the perfect school and then seeing the prices, but I'm sure it'll work out for you :) best of luck!