Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Until You Love Me

Ever liked someone so much that you would actually wait for them? Or even try to be one of their greatest friends, if they didn't see you that way? At first I thought this feeling was horrible because it felt like my heart wanted to break and give up. I'm not used to feeling like that. But I suppose in the ONE case, I'll accept it. It's better to accept then to keep denying it, and trying to hide your emotions.

Sigh, now that I got that out...lol. I feel so strong today. Maybe because it's nice and sunny outside. It's also very windy! I love the wind! So today we had the math portion of the grad test. Once again, super fuckin' easy! Like these tests are like middle school level! WTF? lol, how are people not passing these? Watch, the science and social studies are gonna kill me. xD

The Climb by Miley Cyrus has been playing over and over on my computer. I'm addicted! It's very inspirational though! Makes my little monsters crawl back in the dark. >=D


  1. That is a tough situation to be in, it hurts to be near the person and yet it hurts even more to not see them anymore.

    The song is inspirational:)


  2. i've definitely had that feeling before and i agree with sher above, it's so hard to be near the person. sorry to hear about this situation that u're in:( hope things work out for the best:) thx again for dropping by my blog and i just love this song!


  3. I have also been in that position. A couple times actually. In one case it actually worked out. Miracles do happen. But they are unfortunately so rare. Sigh.

    PS. Thanks for being there for me the past week. It has been such a sad time for me and it lifts my spirits to know I have such an awesome bloggy buddy as you by my side!! :)

    PPS. I hope your week has been fantastic so far.

  4. Like everyone else I understand how that feels as well, it really sucks. But if things were meant to be it'll all work out for the best! :) Gosh that song! Lol love it!