Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pop My Bubble Bitch

I am so very excited to get the fuck out of this house. She keeps putting the stick farther up her ass. That was the last straw. I'm going back. Period. I'ma be the hell away from her when we go back up to Atlanta for Spring Break. I'm going to be gone to San Fransisco (hopefully) right when school is out. Then in August, I'm going to be in my favorite place in the world with one of my family members that actually give a shit about me; New York. I went on google maps and was stalking New York again. Well, more like the area of where I'll be attending university; NYU. I did street view and screen printed Times Square. I didn't do much to edit it. But here it is!

bring on the bright lights


  1. hi how are you
    i feel good i am haveing holidays
    wats plans for this week end

  2. Yay! You're going to loveeee it :)

  3. Dude she needs to chill out seriously. I can't wait till you get to go up there!!! Lol you stalker! :P

  4. SO JEALOUS you're going to LIVE in NYC. I went there for this past fashion week and was blown away with how big times square was... gorgeous!

    PS. check out my blog:

  5. Lucky you! I wish I could go to NYC this summer. :)

    Oh and I love that photo! The colors are amazing.