Monday, May 10, 2010

Invisible ♥

family, friends, their love, its all the same
sometimes i think my destruction is my blame
these tears that fall from this ugly face
pull me deeper in this ever waiting disgrace
from neglect of this alien love
God hasnt showed me from above
of what my life could really be
from that girl who holds the right key
maybe its because im broken
my body, my mind, from every end
from the scars tearing at my fading sanity
to the insecurity that seeps from me
all i want is that burning touch
one i cannot live without such
those beautiful eyes searing into mine
that really makes my dim soul shine
the overpowering feeling of protection
covering my mind and heart from every section
but no one has the vision to see my invisible ♥
because of this, all i do is tear it apart
i wish i could take this ruby barrier
and force it down with all my fear
so i can finally know what this experience
that has been lost from my existence
of course with no heart at all
its easy to get back up when i fall


  1. No words to describe. :) I love it.

  2. This is beautiful. You are an amazing writer, Mina. And the photo is stunning. I adore this post.