Saturday, May 15, 2010

♥ *&^$= My Mind

This weekend I was at my friend's Laura's birthday! She turned 18. I got to meet her two sisters and her parents. They are all so nice and welcoming! =] We went to the mall, watched movies, and played in the sprinklers. I slept over, I had a great time! Laura is one of the few I will be missing from Valdosta when I move back to Atlanta.

At Laura's party, we watched The Lovely Bones. I've been dying to see it, and it was an extremely good movie, however I was highly disappointed with the ending. I though they were going to capture that son of a bitch and then show all those girls going into the light towards heaven. I guess they kept it real tough. Sorry if I ruined the movie for anyone, but I definitely recommend this movie to anyone who has not watched it. =] Laura had two copies of the movie Avatar, so she let me have one. I finally get to see it soon! So happy! xD

When I came home I started watching this MTV show called True Life. It was an episode where these two girls thought they were the ugliest girls in the world, and they really weren't. They got plastic surgery to try to make them selves look "beautiful". I totally disagree with plastic surgery. I don't understand why anyone would get it. I guess the only exception was if you're face or body was deformed. But just to get a nose job or breast implants, that's disgusting, and it fucks with your body anyway. Both of the girls on this episode, still felt ugly after the plastic surgery. It's evil.

I saw this commercial for the iPad, it's like a computer without the keyboard. I'm like dazzled about it! It has internet, videos, pictures, applications, and more. It cost $499; I was surprised at that. I thought it was going to cost like $1,000. Check it out; Here!

So my Aunt Tonya and I decided that it would be best for me to make an itinerary for when I come up to New York. [I know that sounds like total common sense. xD] I will definitely be visiting NYU & Columbia. Hopefully CCNY. But I also want to see Times Square at night, the Empire State Building, Coney Island, go see Seventeen Magazine Headquarters, go to a Broadway show, see Central Park, go to Madison Square Garden, be in the audience for Good Morning America or MTV, go to the famous Macy's, visit a museum, see the Empire State Building, and so much more. Plus, going to New York will get me re-focused on my goals. =D


  1. Cute pictures, sounded like a great time. And I agree, plastic surgery isn't appealing unless it's completely necessary in emergency situations.

  2. Congrats on passing the graduation test!! That's awesome. :)

    I'm glad you had a fabulous weekend. Sleepover birthday parties are the BEST! And these photos are so cute.

    And omg yes the Lovely Bones. Great movie, great book...but the ending...sigh. You're right. I wanted to see that a-hole SUFFER!! Lol.