Saturday, May 1, 2010

Smiles Baby

I changed my whole blog! Do you guys like it? I found those cute little pictures on a myspace layout website. Aren't they adorable? :) Simple & Clean (the new song) has never gotten old for me. I've listened to it at least 200 times every year! That's how much I love it. For some reason, it gives me hope.

So I took my SATs today. It wasn't as draining as uch as it was fustrating. Like the math section pissed me off. It was like, sooo stupid. But I don't want to say whether I think I did good or not. I rather not jinx myself. So, we'll just wait until I get my scores back!

That's another thing crossed off my "May List". So all I have is EOCTs, AP exams, projects and finals. Tomorrow I have an AP review day for our EOCT and exam! I really hope it will help me get a good score. I'm more worried about my EOCT because I have to actually pass that class. Piece of cake right? :)

Then off to New York! My aunt Tonya (who I'll be with up there) said we can even look at the Seventeen magazine building and can go in if we can. MAN I CANNOT WAIT!!! That's where I want to work one day. That is definitely one of my goals I will reach. :)

So I need to find other things to do in New York. I know there is more than enough to do, but I want to do the most... exciting stuff? Most educational and influential? I will be visiting colleges, Seventeen magazine, and definitely want to go see Times Square. I also want to go to a Broadway show. But what else is there. Like the must-sees or must-dos. Audrey (& others) help me out! :)

NO Emotional Ties To ANYONE =x


  1. love the song especially :) the header is adorable blaze!!

  2. Your new layout is ADORABLE!! I love it. And good luck with your SAT scores. I really, really, really (a million really's, lol) hope you did awesome!!

    And again, soooo jealous you're going to NYC soon. Sigh. I hope you take tons of pics for us. How cool you get to visit Seventeen! You're a great writer, a smart girl, and if you keep that goal with you all the way through college, I have no doubt your wish to work there will come true. :)

    I hope you're having a great weekend. xoxo

  3. I love your blog! It's very cute!!! Totally agree with the SAT math portion of the test being stupid lol. YAY New York!!! I know you're uber excited!!!