Sunday, June 27, 2010


Lol, so this is kind of an update.

I went to visit Georgia State University. I absolutely loved it. I know I will get into that school. Maybe by 2015 I can move back up to New York, but right now, NY is just way too expensive for me. Period.

I finally made a youtube account that I will actually use. I was going to wait until I got my netbook and set it up from there. But I really could not wait. So far I've found this awesome girl who vlogs and her name is... Andrea. And here is her youtube channel. Click! So I really can't wait until I'm able to blog and ish. :)

My whole month of July is filled with either movie dates or hang out dates (not like that you guys, I'm still with Paul. =). It's like someone different every weekend or everytime I'm off. Isn't that awesome? Lol, it'll be even more awesome if I had my license. Anyways... I'm really ready for July 30th. So hopefully it'll go by fast.

Instead of getting a perm before school starts, I'm just going to get a coontail. :) I just have to blow dry my hair really good, and press it really good for it to be straight. But coontails are different. It's all thanks to Berry. :)

So that's all for now! :)

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  1. Yay! It sounds like you have a fun month planned and things are starting to look up. That's awesome. :)