Thursday, June 10, 2010


What happened to my inspiration?

sumemr camp has gotten better. I'm just getting used to my job. I think I hated it so much because my Ky wasn't there. :( I just miss her.

Time changes shit.

My sister pissed me the fuck off today. I am sad to find out even my own blood can be a fucking retard. Sigh. Smh.

Well we're going to Centenial park today in downtown Atlanta. That should be fun.

And tomorrow night I'ma go to the movies with some friends. Talk about stress reliever.

Since I won't be going to NYU right away, I've been looking at Georgia Southern (which I love so far) and UGA, which I heard has an amazing journalism program.

One good thing that has happened, is that I have a girlfriend. An amazing one at that. I'm happy with her. :) She has nothing to do with the title btw. Lmfao.

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  1. Glad things are looking up! I was a little concerned about the title. Hahaha!! ;)