Sunday, June 13, 2010

I Fucked Up

Or I was fucked up. Either way, there is some kind of fucking up in there.

So yesterday I went over Paul's house around 2:30pm. I didn't get home until like past 12am the next day. I'm surprised I didn't get in a lot of trouble. She probably won't let me go out anywhere really...

Anyway we went swimming in his lake, went on a boat around his lake, drank a whole lot, and he threw a party for some DSA kids. Man we were all fucked up.

But, I really loved being with Paul. He was my boy bestie before I changed schools, and being with him again brought back some really old memories and last night I made some new ones.

I met a lot of his friends, and two friends that he always talked about and I finally got to meet them; Conor and Chris. They're awesome. I wanna go back next weekend.

I lost $10 and a ring while I was over there. Paul's bad luck for me. Lmao. I have pictures but... I'm on my Mother's laptop and I can't save pictures on here. Shit. You guys will see them when I get my own netbook and I put whatever the hell I want on there.


  1. Aww sounds like a good time! I'm sorry about the ring though. I hate it when that happens! I can't wait until you get your netbook and we get to see all your fab pics. Lol. ;)