Thursday, June 17, 2010


It seems like I can't make up my mind about anything anymore.

Like whether or not I like both boys or girls, or just girls. Just recently I've found out I apparently like both. I guess I just want to be loved in general. But I can be very picky. I'm not easily satisfied, and I get bored quickly. I'm just a bitch like that apparently.

And where I want to go for college. You guys know I was set on New York University for the past three years. But I've had a reality check this summer. I realized that I won't be there right after I graduate. I just won't. And the way I accepted it was surprising too. It's like I didn't mind, and I still don't. For at least my first two years of college, I'll be at Georgia State or University of Georgia. I'm praying for Georgia State though. We're going to go visit there next Thursday.

Sometimes I just feel like a hypocrite.

Or maybe I'm just really indecisive and I open my mouth before thinking it all through.

If this is how life is going to be all the time. I think I can wait little bit longer, so I can figure out myself.

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